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bisexual people passing as straight when they’re in a straight relationship is not “passing privilege.” it’s erasure. it’s assimilation. 

that’s like saying that femme lesbians have privilege over butch lesbians. invisibility might keep people safer on a micro-level which is fucked up, but it’s all based on people thinking they can tell who’s queer & who’s straight just by looking at them, which is infinitely problematic and painful.

don’t alienate queer people who are assumed to be straight. invisibility is a symptom of hetero-normativity, not a privilege. 

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embroidered wishes #2

some stupid extracts from my notebook

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Adrian Tomine, Shortcomings

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إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
The smarter you get the less you speak —Arabic Proverb (via 7bottles)
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PSA of the day:

Never be the friend/partner/stranger of a person who 100% of the time tells them that they are amazing and perfect and that the sun shines out of their ass. You can tell people when they’re wrong. That is your duty as a human who has to mill around with even more humans.

Suggested phrases:

"I’m not saying you are an asshole, I’m saying you’re acting like an asshole.”

"Pull your head out of your behind and think about what (person they are ranting about like they are a Disney villain) might be going through."

"You are right about a lot of things. Like how good I look in these hotpants for instance, but (an issue they’ve been rant-tweeting about for over an hour…probably that Arby’s was out of special sauce) is not one of them."


I will fix you.

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#molly acaleer is THE BEST

Just realized this is Amy from Veep! Mind. Blown.

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies


*baby panda

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